Saturday, May 28, 2016

Babies for Brexit?

When I was a student there were all manner of student campaign groups of bizarre kinds, some real, some front organisations, often without any of the people who they supposedly consisted of.

For example,  "Tories against Cruise and Trident" or TACT had been set up by CND-supporting socialists to make a point, and didn't actually have any significant number of Tories in it, if any, and surprisingly enough, "Babies against the Bomb" had not actually been set up by babies.

We now seem to be seeing a similar explosion of groupuscles for the Referendum. SCientists for Europe: Scientists for Britain. Economists for Brexit - Women for In.

You wonder what on earth each side will try next.

Babies for Brexit?

One-legged Mongolian basket-weavers for Europe?

Dead Statespersons for Britain?

Rastafarians for Remain?

Remember, you read it here first.

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