Thursday, May 12, 2016

Debate wars continued ...

Mark Wallace has a very well argued piece putting the alternative viewpoint to my post about ITV's decision concerning the speakers who will represent Leave and Remain on their programme, and you can read his view here.

He thinks that Vote Leave are entitled to be cross about the ITV decision and he may have a point, though I note that he also says that

"I suspect even Vote Leave themselves would concede that the part of last night’s statement which threatened “consequences” for the broadcaster was ill-judged."

In my humble opinion having Nigel Farage on to represent Leave is actually a mixed blessing for both sides.

Farage does have debating skills and did better than many people expected in his debate with Nick Clegg. To many people he is toxic but to another section of the population he does have appeal.  Yes, those people are already in the Leave camp, but if he can motivate them to turn out that could be quite significant - and I am not one of those people who thinks that Remain are the only side who will have trouble turning some of their supporters out.

His problem is that he won't cut through with the floaters unless he changes his style, which he may not be able to do.

David Cameron does best when he is up against it, when he's seen as the underdog, and when he is particularly careful not to appear arrogant. Given how close this referendum is looking, I suspect at least two of these things may apply to the ITV "debate."

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