Monday, May 30, 2016

Your vote: Your Future: Your decision - the first two referendum broadcasts

The first referendum broadcasts from each side have now been put out. If you missed either or both, here they both are.

The really interesting thing is that while both have, I regret to say, repeated claims that the Treasury select committee and others have advised them to drop, and both had a mixture of positive and negative messages, the "Remain" broadcast about securing the best future for a cute 14 month old boy named Sam has "mood music" which is overwhelmingly sending out positive emotional messages - vote Remain for our children's future.

The Leave broadcast is the one which is predominantly negative in tone - the attempted "dog whistle" is "Vote leave or he NHS will collapse and we'll be flooded with millions of Turkish immigrants."

So here is "Remain" with "Vote for a bright future for our children."

And here is the Leave broadcast, "Vote Leave or the NHS gets it."

Your vote. Your future. Your decision. Whether you want to Leave or Remain, use your vote on June 23rd.

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