Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quote of the day 31st May 2016

Referring to the start of the official referendum campaign:

"It needs to begin with an amnesty on misleading, and at times bogus, claims. The public are thoroughly fed up with them. The public are right".

(Andrew Tyrie MP, chair of the Treasury Select Committee)

He added that

"The arms race of ever more lurid claims and counter-claims made by both the leave and remain sides is not just confusing the public. It is impoverishing political debate."

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Jim said...

Which ever way it goes, I think its pretty certain there has not been a debate, so what ever the result, no informed decision could really have been reached.

The whole thing has just been a personality game, nothing has been discussed so which ever way it goes nothing will have been resolved.

[this next bit is said firmly tongue in cheek, but it does make you wonder at times]

To be fair, Looking at the wider global picture, and the way the world seems to be gearing for a "scape goat" year. What I am getting as is its as though the "higher powers" are gearing us up for a fall with scapegoat at the end. The USA unable to pay its bills starts QE4, this leads to China refusing off loading dollar based assets and refusing to take more, a move goes ahead to make the Yuan the "Reserve currency", everyone else sells off dollar assets, dollars flood the states causing a Hyperinflation melt down of the US economy, taking down the UK economy with it. The USA have "Hillary or Donald" (does not matter which) to "scapegoat" - The UK has "leaving the EU" or "Remaining in the EU but failing to join the Euro" (does not matter which) to "scapegoat".

think I will put my tinfoil hat on.

[End of silly bit]

but looking at the state of debate, on what is the most important decisions we will ever make, I would at least expect my half baked? idea to make it to a conspiracy web site or two.