Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dan Hodges kept his streak vow: Katie Hopkins says she will keep hers. Paul O'Grady, however ...

Dan Hodges did eventually sort-of-keep his promise to streak naked down Whitehall if UKIP polled more than 6% of the vote at the 2015 general election.

His precise promise had been that "If UKIP break 6% at the next election I'll streak naked down Whitehall in a Nigel Farage mask whilst singing Land of Hope and Glory..."

Well, UKIP managed double that, and although Dan retained his underpants and trainers for his otherwise naked run down Whitehall, and didn't wear a Nigel Farage mask, apart from that he kept his word and turned it into a charity event which raised £1,000 for the Terence Higgins trust.

Katie Hopkins made an even more rash promise that "If Sadiq Khan wins London, I will run naked down Regent Street with a sausage up my bum in protest"

According to the Huffington Post she says that she stands by this promise and is ordering Halal sausages.

Unfortunately however Paul O'Grady is still here despite promising to emigrate to Venice if the Conservatives won the 2015 General Election.

(Picture courtesy of Guido Fawkes website)

As News Thump pointed out this is typical of the broken promises which seem to follow elections.

They suggest that

“The people of Britain voted in their millions for O’Grady to leave, and his failure to live up to his word has left the electorate justifiably angry.

“This is just another instance of the country being promised one thing but getting something else entirely once the votes are counted.

“Maybe he should have carved his pledge into a big lump of rock to help him remember it?”

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