Monday, May 23, 2016

Should I add an eleventh commandment?

I'm thinking whether I should add to my list of commandments in the post earlier today.

11) Thou shalt not publish the private telephone numbers of people you disagree with and encourage lots of people to ring them.

You would think that would be too obvious to need mentioning? Apparently not.

And this would have been bad enough if it was the Leave side doing it to the Remain side or vice versa. No, it's the Brexit supporters doing it to one another.

Gordon Bennett.  I'm wondering if Jim King was right in the comments and they want to lose.

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Jim said...

Richard seems to think that being "bubble dwellers" they are convinced they are running a spectacular campaign. But being "Bubble dwellers" they just won't see the harm they are doing.

of course, as you know, my view is a lot more cynical than that.