Sunday, May 22, 2016

Quote of the day 22nd May 2016

(Sir Edward) "Heath loved to sign copies of his own books. Indeed it became a common joke that an unsigned copy of one of his books was a rare item of value.

One day, while he was signing, a woman approached him and shyly asked for his autograph, handing him a book.

It was Harold Wilson's volume on the governance of Britain.

Heath said nothing, inscribing carefully and slowly closing the book before handing it back. The woman thanked him and left with her prize.

Nobody said a thing but watching over her shoulder Stephen" (Sherbourne) "noticed what he had written.

'A million apologises for the damage I have done to Britain, yours Harold Wilson.'"

(Anecdote told by Stephen Sherbourne about his former boss Ted Heath as recounted in yesterday's Times by Lord Danny Finkelstein)

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