Monday, May 30, 2016

Time for both sides to stop "Blue on Blue"

The worst possible way to engage the majority of voters, particularly those who are not members or supporters of the Conservatives, is to give the impression that the EU referendum is some sort of internal squabble within the Conservative party.

It is far more important than that, and it affects everyone in the country.

Those on either side of the debate who indulge in personal attacks on their opponents in the same party harm both their cause in the referendum and the cause they will be contesting at the next general election.

Paul Goodman was right to write on Conservative Home calling to an end to what he called

"This foolish futile leadership challenge chatter."

As Paul pointed out to leave supporters,

"All it is likely to do is to distract attention from the referendum at exactly the moment when, thanks to purdah, Leave now at last has a chance to fight the campaign on a level playing field."

In three and a half weeks' time British voters will make one of the most important decisions of our lifetime, more important than the fate of any individual PM or government. Everyone should try to put personal attacks and rivalries aside for those three and a half weeks and concentrate on the positive arguments for Leave or Remain.

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