Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Another story you just could not make up

I don't think there is much point in me offering advice to members of the Labour party about whether they should re-elect Jeremy Corbyn.

However, the fact that Labour could elect him as leader tells you a great deal about that party's fitness for office, and if he is still their leader at the next election that will tell you a lot more.

And of all the many illustrations that this man simply is not a credible candidate for Prime minister, person, the story Thangam Debbonaire tells about how he accidentally appointed her a shadow minister without telling her while she was undergoing cancer treatment, and then cancelled the appointment without telling her that either, is one of the more extraordinary.

I had seen a summary of this story when she first went public with it a couple of weeks ago, but there is now a  full account by Ms Debbonaire in the Guardian which you can read here.

It really is a story which a fiction writer could not get published as it is too implausible.

What is the world coming to when the party of Abraham Lincoln has nominated Donald J Trump for the White House and a major British political party has elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader?


Jim said...

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then I figured it would generally be cheaper and easier just to give them a picture.

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Chris Whiteside said...

I was listening to a radio programme on the way home this evening - I think it was The Moral Maze on Radio 4 and they were talking about "The Summer of 2016" and the rise of anti-establishment views on the right and left.


One of the witnesses was a leftie called Ian Chamberlain who was passionately convinced that there is "a huge growth of left-wing politics" e.g. mass movement in which millions of people are moving towards more left-wing views and shifting the centre ground to the left. How anyone can think that given the results of every election in this country in the past seven years escapes me. They asked him a similar question about the fact that when Labour moves left it loses election - his reponse to that was that this was due to governments not having the courage to make the changes that are needed. It was rather like Tony Benn's old argument that voters elected Margaret Thatcher because Michael Foot wasn't left-wing enough (In his case he presumably thinks the voters elected David Cameron because Ed Miliband wasn't left-wing enough).