Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Despite excellent polls, the Conservatives must not get complacent

Following on from my previous post.

Five of the last six polls have given the Conservatives a double digit lead.

The latest Yougov poll, which has the largest Conservative lead for that pollster since 2009 when Brown was Labour PM, has been reported as follows:

Although I stopped trusting polls after last year's general election and this year's referendum did not increase my faith in them, the findings that the Conservatives are ahead at the moment may well be correct.

The trouble is, this is not because the Conservatives are popular.

It is because the other parties are either making no impact at all (e.g. the Lib/Dems), only seek the votes of particular segments of the country (the Scottish and Welsh nationalists and the Northern Ireland parties) or are acting as if they were hell-bent on committing suicide (Labour and UKIP).

No complacency: the Conservatives must come back together after the events of the last few months, get behind Theresa May and work to address the problems of the country. And above all, remember:

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