Sunday, October 09, 2016

Tragedy in Syria

The tragedy which is taking place in Syria as a result of bombs from the Syrian Regime and those from Putin's Russia is utterly appalling.

The cover of this week's Spectator draws justified parallels between Aleppo and Guernica (It's a slightly modified version of Picasso's eponymous painting resenting the latter atrocity.)

I very rarely agree with Arch Federalist Guy Verhofstadt about anything but he is absolutely right about the need to establish a no-fly zone in Aleppo. I support surgical strikes on DA'ESH but that is not what Russia and the Assad regime are doing in Aleppo - they are bombing civilians and children completely indiscriminately. Here is part of Verhofstadt's speech on the subject

Further comments he made can be seen on Facebook here.

We must do anything we can to stop this slaughter before Assad's claim - that the only choice is between him and DA'ESH - becomes true because he has killed everyone else.

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