Friday, December 02, 2016

Car Crash interview by the new Lib/Dem MP for Richmond Park

Well, that honeymoon didn't last long.

Julia Hartley Brewer interviewed Sarah Olney MP on the radio about her victory in the Richmond Park by-election yesterday.

After congratulating her on winning, Julia asked when the second by-election was going to be, since Sarah Olney's campaign seem to be in favour of holding votes again., at least if it is the EU referendum.

After less than three minutes of discussion along those lines the new MP fell silent, and then a Lib/Dem PR flack came on the line and said he was very sorry but Sarah Olney had to go to another interview.

You can listen to the entire car crash interview at

1 comment:

Jim said...

Do you think that is really fair?

Think about it and you will probably agree that it was not.

It was definitely more of a train wreck than a car crash. :-)