Friday, December 02, 2016

How many cows died to make the new fivers? It's a very round number.

The controversy over the Bank of England's new polymer five pound notes rumbles on ...

If anyone reading this is really bothered about the idea of touching or using a product made by a process which includes animal products, here is an article listing some of the thousands of products which you will also need to avoid as they contain as much or more animal fat than the new fivers.

It includes soap, detergent, candles, plastic bags, and almost anything made of latex or rubber. If you travelled home on either public transport or your own vehicle (including a bike) there is a very high probability that both your seat, and the tyres of any road vehicle you travelled in, contain or were made using material that was formerly part of something that once went "oink," "baa," or "moo."

Oh, and if you walked home and were not barefoot, the same applies to whatever you had on your feet.

How many cows would be required to obtain the tallow which wold be used to make enough notes to replace every fiver in  circulation?

There is a calculation here which suggests it the amount of tallow involved would be approximately half the fat which can be obtained from one cow.

 Of course, it is most unlikely that any cows or other animals were killed specifically to obtain the tallow for new five pound notes. It probably arose as by-products from some of the estimated 2.6 million cattle which are slaughtered for human consumption in Britain every year.

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