Thursday, March 02, 2017

Corbyn recruits spin doctor from Cumbria NHS success regime agency

Guido Fawkes has reported here that Steve Howell, Jeremy Corbyn’s new Deputy Director of Strategy and Communications, is founder and director of the PR company "Freshwater."

And that Freshwater's latest company accounts list the Cumbria "success regime" as one of their top ten clients.

In other words, the party which described the policies of the success regime during the recent Copeland by election in words like

"Babies will die. Babies will be brain-damaged"

has just recruited a spin-doctor from an agency which has been spinning for the organisation which put forward the policies which they so described.

The irony meter is off the scale.

Guido's blog does not report what exactly Freshwater are doing for the Success Regime. So far as I am concerned there is only one thing which could possibly justify paying enough taxpayers' money to make the success regime one of their top ten clients.

I can forgive the success regime for spending all this taxpayers' money on "spin-doctors" but if and only if most of it is used to recruit more real doctors so we can keep services open.

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