Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Quote of the day 8th March 2017

“This intolerant, illiberal and totalitarian response is akin to something out of the Soviet Union or North Korea rather than a place for learning and debate. The loony-left has certainly taken over it seems at the University of Lincoln Students’ Union and this is another chapter in their knee-jerk desire to stifle debate which revealed itself as they began ‘no platforming’ people they don’t like including those who are democratically elected… the Students’ Union ‘snowflakes’ are so self-obsessed they forget Lincoln is the home to one of the original Magna Cartas, the foundation stone of freedom the world over.”

(Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln, responds to the decision by Lincoln University Student Union, who were one of many Student Unions criticised in a "Spiked" article on free speech, to restrict the social media access of the University Conservative society at Lincoln for publicising the "Spiked" campaign and article.)


Jim said...

One of the great things and great features of this blog is the fact i can disagree with its author, I do it often, sometimes violently i disagree.

But that is what politics is, that's the point. Lets talk about why, lets talk about a way out of this.....

"No platforming" cant work, it just makes the people who have been "no platformed" appear stronger.

The labour party tried it in the last EU elections, they would not share a platform with the BNP. so they had no representation. Nor did they fully understand that if elected they would have to share such a platform, or not turn up at all, in which case they are thieves for taking the price of being an elected representative and refusing to go to work. Its a daft idea however you choose to cut it.

Chris Whiteside said...