Sunday, October 04, 2020

A Harvest Sunday reflection

 A story from this morning's sermon at St James' Church Whitehaven (which is a Covid-secure venue where full social distancing and health precautions were in place.)

A Farmer was looking at his fields and praying to God.

He reflected how he didn't particularly like the taste or smell of lard and would not eat butter or sugar on their own, but he really like the biscuits which his wife made by baking all those things together.

He didn't like being out working in the fields in the pouring rain, or having to work for hours in the very hot sun, and he particularly didn't like let gale force storms, but take sun and rain and wind together and you need all three for an environment where the crops will grow.

In the same way, some of the things which happen to us as people are not always easy for us to go through - but you can see God, or the universe, mixing together things which we may not always like, but need in order to grow as people.



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