Saturday, October 03, 2020

Progress report: building forty new hospital projects

During the last general election the Conservatives promised forty new hospital projects.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister confirmed the list of 40 hospital projects which will be built by 2030, as part of a package worth £3.7 billion, delivering on our manifesto pledge.

  • The Conservative government was elected at last year’s election by many people who had never voted Conservative before, in order to deliver on their priorities, like investing in the NHS, and transform our country for the better - we will repay that trust. 
  • We promised to build 40 new hospital projects – and that is what we are doing. The Prime Minister yesterday confirmed for the first time the 40 projects for new hospital building which will be constructed by 2030 - backed by £3.7 billion - as well as announcing that a further eight new schemes will be invited to bid. This is the biggest hospital building programme for a generation.
  • We protected the NHS through coronavirus – and today we commit to protecting it for years to come, as we continue to deliver for the British people and build back better after coronavirus.
  • The list of 40 projects, all of which were started under the Conservative government, includes for which are already under way. One of these is the new £35 million Cancer centre in Carlisle which is now under construction and is expected to open in Autumn 2021. 
  • Laying the first brick for that project earlier this year, John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle, commented:

“First there was the announcement about funding being made available for the building of the new cancer centre and this is the next stage of the journey. 

“I am very conscious of the pressure this hospital has been under recently but there is a lot of positivity at the hospital when you think about all the people who have been treated and cared for. 

“Today we are celebrating the good news. 

“We are committed as a city – and a government to the NHS.

One of the medical professionals who also attended the brick laying ceremony, Maurya Cushlow, who is an executive chief nurse at one of the trusts which are working in partnership to deliver this project, said: 

“The building of this cancer centre will have a real impact on patients in north Cumbria in terms of travel. 

“I once met a man from Wigton who had an aggressive form of cancer and he had to travel to Newcastle every day for treatment. This had a real impact on him and on his family. 

“I am delighted to be here today to see work on the cancer centre taking shape. 

“It also demonstrates our shared vision and long-term commitment to delivering high quality, clinically safe and sustainable cancer services to the people of North Cumbria.”

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