Monday, March 07, 2022

The Six Point plan to make sure Russia's attack on Ukraine does not succeed

The Prime Minister has set out a six-point plan on Ukraine, urging world leaders to mount a renewed effort to make sure that Putin fails.

As the Prime Minister meets leaders from Canada, the Netherlands, and Central Europe in London next week, we are calling on the international community to make a renewed and concerted effort to ensure Putin fails in Ukraine. 

Ahead of next week’s meetings, the Prime Minister has set out his six-point plan for making sure Putin fails: 

  1. Mobilising an international humanitarian coalition for Ukraine; 
  2. supporting Ukraine in its efforts to provide for its own self-defence; 
  3. maximising the economic pressure on Putin’s regime; 
  4. preventing the creeping normalisation of what Russia is doing in Ukraine; 
  5. pursuing diplomatic paths to de-escalation on the basis of full participation by the legitimate government of Ukraine; and 
  6. beginning a rapid campaign to strengthen security and resilience across the Euro-Atlantic area.

It is not enough to express our support for the rules-based international order – we must defend it against a sustained attempt to rewrite the rules by military force. Putin must fail and must be seen to fail in this horrific act of aggression.

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