Copeland MP appointed to Department of Transport

Congratulations to Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland, on joining the government as a junior Transport minister as the Prime Minister appoints a new cabinet and ministerial team to build back better from the pandemic and deliver on the people’s priorities.

  • The Conservative government's focus over the coming months is getting on with the job: managing Covid, continuing our historic vaccine rollout, levelling up and getting more people into work - and we will redouble our efforts to deliver on the people’s priorities. 
  • The Prime Minister's team will deliver on this mission - uniting and levelling up every corner of the country, and seizing the opportunity to fix the long-standing problems that have held back too many people for far too long. 
  • Our new, strong and united team are getting on with the job to build back better from the pandemic - delivering on the promises we made to the British people.
  • Trudy Harrison joins the government as a junion minister with an interesting brief which includes the future of transport and freight, environmental impacts of transport (including Decarbonistion, transport relations with the EU and - the bit the media will pick up on - Space.
  • Sadly this does not mean she will instantly be able to get all the money for Copeland's roads which is desperately needed - sometimes I wish British governments worked like that, but they don't - but I am keeping my fingers crossed that having our MP in the transport team will help.


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