Honorary Alderman Agnes Hill RIP

 Agnes Hill - "Aggie" to her friends - former Leader of St Albans Council 1988-1990, former member of Herts County Council, my immediate predecessor as Chairman of St Albans Conservative association, member of the family practitioner committee, governor of various schools, and much else besides, has died after a short illness at the age of 82.

Aggie was a force of nature and nobody who ever met her will forget her. She became leader of St Albans Council in incredibly difficult circumstances after Liberals and Labour had done what "progressives" do best - spent all the money and created a financial crisis. That included passing a budget just before the Conseratives were electd to a majority on the council which the council's auditors suggested was possibly illegal - a budget which Agnes Hill then had to manage. She did more to put things back on an even keel than she ever got credit for.

I didn't always agree with her - we had one telephone conversation between our respective homes in St Albans about a mile apart during which I was later to joke that after the first two or three sentences we could probably have dispensed with the telephones. But she always fought for what she thought was right for the people of St Albans and Hertfordshire.


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