Today's hybrid meeting of the NHS Community Joint Forum for North Cumbria

There was another meeting which was an important first today - a hybrid meeting of the NHS community forum for the Northern two-thirds of Cumbria - covering the NCIC area, which roughly corresponds to the local authority areas of Allerdale, Carlisle, Copeland and Eden (and to the historic county of Cumberland.)

This was a hybrid meeting - with some people physically present in one room while others joined online via Zoom. I think this was a first for Cumbria - a lot of public bodies have had online meetings, some have gone back to physical ones, and some in other parts of the country - including parliament - have experimented with hybrid meetings but I do not recall a similar hybrid meeting in this county,

I thought it worked well and I hope we will consider continuing this kind of meeting where it is appropriate even after the pandemic.

One item of very good news from the meeting was that the plans for the next stage of redevelopment of West Cumberland Hospital will be going on display next week, at the hospital, online, and via the press. We had a preview today and they look really encouraging.

Watch this space for details of how you can see the new plans online.


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