Good news on UK economic growth

GDP figures released this morning show that the UK economy grew by 5.5 per cent in the period April to June, up from the previous estimate of 4.8 per cent – showing that Britain's economy is recovering from the pandemic as we build back better.

  • As we move beyond the pandemic, one of the country's key priorities must be getting people back into work and helping businesses to thrive - and it is clear that the government's plan to do this is helping though of course it is business that really does the work of creating wealth. 
  • New figures released this morning show that Britain's economy grew by 5.5 per cent between April and June – beating market expectations – with the arts, entertainment, and recreational sectors growing by over 20 per cent. 
  • This will mean job security for millions of workers, more trade for businesses, and greater prosperity throughout the country.


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