Looking after those who take part in vaccination trials.

Health Secretary wSAjid Javid today urged G20 health leaders to recognise vaccines and protect clinical trial pioneers to protect future medical break-throughs.

  • We have been a trailblazer in clinical trials during the pandemic but those who have gone above and beyond by taking part in these trials must not be disadvantaged in activities such as overseas travel due to a vaccine not being approved in their destination country. 
  • That is why today, during a meeting in Rome, the Health Secretary called on G20 countries to safeguard the rights of vaccine trial volunteers to help protect everyone against future health crises – as is the case in the UK where trial participants with adequate proof of their participation are exempt from quarantine if they are arriving to the UK from an amber list country.
  • Standing up for the rights of those who have helped protect us all is vital for ensuring they can live their life unhindered, and for harnessing the progress we have made through clinical trials to fight future health threats.


Jim said…
So that's millions of people in the UK then, as the vaccines are all still on long term trials.....
Chris Whiteside said…
No, Jim, it's the volunteers who take part in clinical trials. There are tens of thousands of them, but not millions.

The approved vaccines are not on long term trials, and their rollout is not an experiment.

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