The PRC will use "any means" to persuade Taiwan to rejoin them. Some suggestions.

"Nothing in the world can stand in the way of the unification of China"

If Chinese 'unification' with Taiwan cannot be achieved peacefully, then "any means will be possible" says Victor Gao, vice president of the Centre for China and globalisation.

Well, if the People's Republic of China is really willing to consider "any means" to persuade the people of Taiwan to rejoin them, here are a few suggestions for things they could do to make the people of Taiwan want to do so.

Prove that territories which join China will be treated well and the promises made by the PRC on how it will treat such territories will be honoured by keeping the promises made to Hong Kong

  • Honour the promise of "One country, two systems"
  • Scrap the National security law and restore freedom of speech and assembly and fair trials
  • Release all the people unjustly arrested for non-violent protests or for having the "wrong" political opinions
  • Reinstate Legco members sacked for believing in the democratic principles they were elected to uphold, pending free elections.
  • Restore independent courts and free elections to Legco
Establish freedom of thought and stop persecuting religious believers. Allow people of whatever creed or faith the free, non-violent expression of their views.
  • Close the 380 re-education camps in Xinjiang province in which about a million people, mostly from predominantly muslim ethnic minorities such as  Uighurs, have been detained, release and compnsate the victims who are or have been detained there
  • Stop persecuting and discriminating against other religious groups including Bhuddists, Falun Gong and Christians
Stop trying to destrioy the culture of areas like Tibet

Stop arresting and jailing journalists - or worse - for telling the truth


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