Vaccination booster jabs

The government has announced that millions of the most vulnerable in society will be offered a Covid-19 booster vaccine from next week, giving them the strongest possible protection over the winter months.

  • Britain's vaccine roll-out has been phenomenal - but we must do everything we can to prolong the protection our vaccines offer, particularly for the most vulnerable, as we head into the autumn and winter months. 
  • That is why, following advice from the JCVI, next week the NHS will begin offering a booster vaccine to those most at risk, including care home residents, health and social care workers, people aged over 50, and 16 to 49 year olds with underlying health conditions. 
  • This will give the best possible protection to the most vulnerable over the months ahead, and all those eligible who do not have specific reason not to are urged to get their Covid-19 and flu vaccines as soon as they can.


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