A budget to build a stronger economy for Britain

Today the Chancellor delivered the Autumn Budget and Spending Review, setting out how the Conservatives are delivering a stronger economy for the British people as we build back better from the pandemic.

One year ago, this country was in the grip of the biggest recession in 300 years. Thanks to our Plan For Jobs, we are today recovering faster than our major competitors, more people are in work, and growth is up. But uncertainty in the global economy means that recovery is now under threat.

That is why this Budget and Spending Review delivers a stronger economy for the British people:

  • Strengthening our public finances, ensuring debt is falling again, and rebuilding our resilience
  • Helping working families meet the cost of living and supporting vulnerable households
  • Supporting businesses with post-Brexit tax reforms, tax cuts and incentives to invest
  • Delivering stronger public services across all departments
  • Driving economic growth – by investing in infrastructure, innovation and skills
  • This is a Budget which invests in a more innovative, high-skill economy, delivers world-class public services, backs business, helps working families with the cost of living – and levels up every part of the United Kingdom. It is a Budget which provides the foundations for a stronger economy.


Jim said…
when is the referendum on its acceptance?
Chris Whiteside said…
Not aware that we have ever had a referendum on whether to accept a national budget - though there is a procedure at local level to require one if a local authority wants to impose really large tax rises.

Which this budget does not have.

But it is an interesting idea.

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