Getting on with the job - Conservative conference report part 2.

Yesterday on the final day of Conservative Party Conference, the Prime Minister set out how the Conservatives are getting on with the job of uniting and levelling up every part of the UK as we build back better from the pandemic. 

  • After decades of drift and dither, this government is getting on with the job. We got Brexit done, we are getting the vaccine rollout done, and we are going to get social care done – dealing with the underlying issues of our economy and society that no government has had the guts to tackle before.
  • We are embarking on the change of direction that has been long overdue in the UK, creating a high wage, high skill, high productivity economy that the people of this country need and deserve, in which everyone can take pride in their work and the quality of their work.
  • To deliver that change, we will get on with our job of uniting and levelling up across the UK – the greatest project that any government can embark on.


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