Putting more police on our streets

The Conservatives are well on our way to delivering the promise to put more bobbies on the beat with the news that 11,053 additional police officers have been recruited across England and Wales – putting us on track to deliver our manifesto commitment to recruit 20,000 by 2023, keeping communities safe.

  • We are determined to crack down on crime and back our police with the powers and officers they need to shut down drug gangs, take knives off our streets, and protect communities.
  • That is why since 2019 we have recruited an additional 11,053 police officers across England and Wales, putting us on track to deliver on our manifesto promise of 20,000 by 2023– with figures showing that over four in ten new recruits are women.
  • Every police force area in our country will benefit from more officers, meaning safer streets, secure neighbourhoods, and more support for victims.


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