Better broadband for schools

This week it was confirmed that more than one thousand schools in hard-to-reach areas are now connected to lightning-fast full fibre broadband – delivering on Conservative plans to level up schools across the country and build back better.  

  • Whilst most schools in urban or suburban areas in the UK have access to high-speed broadband, many schools in hard-to-reach areas in particular cannot access these speeds and were not in line to receive upgrades commercially. 
  • That is why the government has focused investment in these areas, and now children and teachers in more than one thousand schools –  many in rural areas such as Norfolk and the Highlands – are being supplied with lightning-fast gigabit broadband so they can enjoy next-generation internet speeds. Work is also underway to bring gigabit speeds to even more schools, with 884 earmarked to be connected by March next year. 
  • This is part of the Conservative mission to level up internet access across the UK and to give children better access to learning opportunities no matter where they live as we build back better.
  • In the interests of full disclosure I should make clear that I am an Openreach employee and a BT shareholder, though I am posting this as a Conservative activist: none of the information in this post came directly from BT sources and it does not necessarily represent the views of BT or Openreach.


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