Action on crime

Today the Home Secretary announced a major expansion of testing offenders for drug use upon arrest, helping to identify people misusing drugs – so we can address their behaviour and reduce crime.

  • Illegal drugs are a key driver of crime, particularly homicide; serious violence against women and children; and neighbourhood crime. If we are to cut crime, we must crack down on drug use.
  • That is why the government has announced a £15 million expansion to drug testing on arrest for police forces across England and Wales, helping to increase our understanding of drug fuelled crimes, ensuring addicts get the help they need, and ultimately cutting crime.

Also today the government announced a £180 million investment to tag thousands more offenders, cutting reoffending and protecting victims as we build back safer.

  • The first job of any government is to keep its people safe, which is why the Conservatives have made it our priority to cut crime, protect the public and give the authorities the tools they need to stop reoffending.
  • The package of measures includes cracking down on burglars, robbers, and domestic abusers with a £180 million package of tagging measures – which will nearly double the number of people on tags, including 10,000 more thieves and burglars, and 12,000 more prison leavers over the next three years.
  • This will help to cut crime and boost public safety – making our streets and communities safer as we build back better.

A third announcement today was a £90 million plan to increase the community payback carried out by offenders, ensuring justice is done and seen to be done.

  • Community payback through unpaid work is an essential part of ensuring offenders visibly make reparations for their crimes.
  • So a £90 million package is being rolled out to increase community payback to 8 million hours a year, so that the public can see offenders visibly paying back for their crimes: cleaning up streets, estates, alleyways and open spaces of litter and graffiti.
  • Conservatives are delivering on our promise to the British people, ensuring that our justice system stands for the law-abiding majority, not the criminal minority and that offenders are seen to contribute to society.


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