Quote of the day 29th October 2021 - Angela Rayner's apology

“While I have been away from the cut and thrust of Parliament I have reflected on our political debate and the threats and abuse that now seem to feature all too often.

“I have also reflected on what I said at an event at Labour Party conference. I was angry about where our country is headed and policies that have made life harder for so many people I represent.

“But I would like to unreservedly apologise for the language I used, and I would not use it again. I will continue to speak my mind, stand up for Labour values and hold the Government to account. But in the future I will be more careful about how I do that and in the language that I choose,”

(Rt Hon Angela Rayner MP, deputy leader of the Labour party, apologising on Facebook yesterday for calling senior Conservatives "scum."

I hope that people of all persuasions can now move on from this and that all of us can be more careful in the language we use.)


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