A question for today

 Am I the only person who is sick to death of hearing Rishi described as a high spending, high tax chancellor

- which to deal with the pandemic he's had to be - 

by people whose response to EVERY individual spending decision he made was to ask why he wasn't spending  vastly more?


Jim said…
doesnt really matter how sick to death of hearing it you are, He is a high spending high tax chancellor. Has been for sometime and with the "Net Zero" policy, contiunes to be with no democratic mandate.
Anonymous said…
he's stolen their campaign clothes?
Chris Whiteside said…
You're slightly missing the point, Jim.

It would not annoy me hearing it from people who are in a position to make the comment without justified accusations of hypocrisy.

What I am sick to death of is hearing it from people who never, ever responded to any of his spending decisions with a reaction other than "you should be spending even more."

Rachel Reeves was telling the truth when she said this was not the budget she was presenting - she'd have presented an even high spending and even higher tax budget.

And the same point goes just as much for BBC journalists like Laura K who I have never ever heard ask a chancellor questions like "Don't you ever worry that you might be spending too much?"

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