Quote of the day 7th March 2022

 “We believe that chess, like sports in general, should bring people together. The most difficult and prestigious international tournaments were held in our country at the highest level even in the midst of a pandemic.

“Chess teaches responsibility for one’s actions; every step counts, and a mistake can lead to a fatal point of no return. And if this has always been about sports, now people’s lives, basic rights and freedoms, human dignity, the present and future of our countries are at stake.

“In these tragic days, we think of all the people who found themselves in the centre of this terrible conflict. We share the pain with our Ukrainian colleagues and call for peace.”

(From the English translation of a very brave letter signed by 44 Russian chess grandmasters condemning Putin's attack on Ukraine. More on this in an article by Raymond Keene, himself a chess grandmaster, which you can read here.)


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