Sanctuary for Ukranian refugees

The government has confirmed that up to 100,000 Ukrainians are already eligible to seek sanctuary to come to the UK as part of the bespoke humanitarian route - ensuring we remain at the forefront of the international response to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

  • Putin's regime has undertaken an illegal and violent assault against the people of Ukraine, leaving families with desperate choices about their future.
  • That is why the UK government has confirmed that up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees are eligible to come to the UK under measures announced in recent weeks. This is the first phase of a bespoke humanitarian route, with any British national or person settled in the UK able to bring over their immediate Ukrainian family members from the country.
  • This new route will provide sanctuary and refuge to thousands of innocent Ukrainians who have been displaced by Putin’s unjustified and illegal invasion and more announcements will be made in due course.


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