British assistance to Turkey and Syria

Both government and charitable groups in Britain have been sending help to the victims, survivors and rescuers dealing with the terrible disaster in Turkey and Syria.

Earlier this week the government announced that over 100 British personnel have arrived in Turkey to provide vital medical care to victims of last week’s earthquake - standing with our international allies in their time of need. 

  • Our thoughts are with all those affected by last week’s earthquake, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide help to our international allies.
  • That is why the government has sent assistance to both Turkey and Syria
  • It was announced on Thursday that an RAF Critical Care Air Support Team of over 100 personnel has arrived in Turkey to provide vital medical support to victims of last week’s earthquake - including an anesthetist, five nurses, three medics, a paramedic and a medical equipment technician - in addition to RAF flights delivering vital disaster relief and humanitarian supplies.

As the situation on the ground moves into in a new phase, from rescue to recovery, the UK also committed this week to a further package of support to address urgent humanitarian needs in Turkey and Syria.

  • This includes £25 million in new overseas aid which will fund additional emergency relief, such as tents and blankets for families made homeless in freezing conditions, and the ongoing deployment of world-class UK medical expertise through the joint MoD-FCDO Field Hospital established in Turkoglu.
  • It will support the work of the UN and aid agencies on the ground in Syria, helping communities ravaged by war and this national disaster, as well as the recovery effort in Turkey led by the government. There will be a particular focus on protecting women and girls, including by helping with childbirth and midwifery and reducing the risk of gender-based violence for communities who have been displaced.

This builds on the UK’s early response to the earthquake when we deployed a UK International Search and Rescue Team in Turkey, increased support to the White Helmets in north west Syria and rapidly delivered shipments of life-saving items such as emergency shelter, medical equipment and blankets.

This will ensure that life saving medical support reaches those most in need, and we stand ready to provide further support as is needed. 


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