Thirty Million people in work

Figures released today show 30 million people are in work across the UK – nearing a 50 year employment high with another recorded fall in unemployment – giving more people the security of a job as we grow the economy, halve inflation and get debt falling. 

  • Conservative priorities are to grow the economy, halve inflation and get debt falling relies on a strong workforce across the UK – meaning more people have the security of their own income.
  • The latest figures show that the number of payroll employees rose by 102,000 in January 2023 to 30 million. The number of employees on payroll now stands at 1,028,000 above pre-pandemic levels – with the unemployment rate falling by 0.2 between October and December. 
  • No Labour government has ever left office with unemployment lower than they came to power – only the Conservatives can be trusted to make work pay and get more people into new jobs across the country.


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