Quote of the day 20th February 2023



Paul Holdsworth said…
Apparently George Eustice, Mark Pawsey, Sajid Javid, Douglas Ross, Dehenna Davison, William Wragg, Chloe Smith, Chris Skidmore, Andrew Percy, Charles Walker, Nigel Adams, Adam Afriye, Crispin Blunt, Mike Penning, Gary Streeter, Matt Hancock, Edward Timpson, Jo Gideon, Nadine Dorries, Paul Beresford and Stephen McPartland are all fans of Lao Tsu...

Good riddance to the lot of them, I say.
Chris Whiteside said…
Lao Tzu, who I did quote today (21st Feb) was a Chinese Philosopher from the 6th century BC who is generally considered the founder of philosophical and religious Taoism.

Sun Tzu, a 6th century Chinese general and military theorist, who is usually credited with the quote above (which I posted on 20th Feb) and as the author of "The Art of War," was born in the same century (about 27 years later) and in the same country, but is not the same person.

And I am fairly sure that, if reports that the people listed in your post are not re-standing at the next election are correct, it is in most cases not for the reason you appear to be trying to imply.
Paul Holdsworth said…
Lao Tsu, Sun Tsu - let's not quibble about the odd misplaced forename, Ernie.

As you're not even sure that the people I've listed are not intending to stand for re-election (hint: they're not), you're in no place to make assertions as to their possible motivations, are you?
Chris Whiteside said…
Both Sun Tzu and Lao Tzu (multiple spellings and pronunciations) are really translations of titles rather than names - and "Tzu" or "Tze" means "Master" so Sun Tzu is an honorific meaning "Master Sun." and Lai Tzu (or Lau Tze, or Lauzi) is an honorific meaning "The Old Master."

As it happens this is one of the weeks when I selected and advance scheduled all the "Quotes of the day" entries the previous weekend.

Evidently search engines can't tell the difference between Sun Tzu and Lau Tzu either: I was looking for a particular Sun Tzu quote and a wealth of insightful quotes from both Sun Tzu and Lau Tzu came up, so I decided to use a selection from each of them this week.

So far as the MPs who you mentioned in the first comment above are concerned, I do know the current intentions of quite a few of those MPs, but not all of them, which is why I was careful not to use language which might appear to confirm that they are all standing down and wrote in terms of "most cases" rather than pretending to knowledge about all of them.

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