The British Energy supercharger

Also today the government announced the British Industry Supercharger, a consultation to ensure the cost of energy for key UK industry are in line with other major economies around the world, helping the UK to remain competitive. 

  • Putin’s weaponisation of energy has shown how vital affordable energy is to all parts of our economy – especially key sectors like steel and chemicals that make up around 28 per cent of total UK exports.
  • The British Industry Supercharger will boost competitiveness across Britain’s strategic energy intensive industry, such as our steel sector, by consulting to exempt firms from certain costs arising from renewable energy obligation whilst exploring reductions in costs for industrial users of energy – with 300 firms set to benefit.
  • Conservatives will back these businesses to keep on growing our economy and delivering high-quality jobs and investment into the UK, as well as the products we rely on for our everyday lives and work.


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