Squadron Leader Jacob (Titch) Tyson RIP

I was most saddened to learn of the death of Squadron Leader Jacob Tyson on Monday at the age of 98 after a short illness.

Jake Tyson (also known as "Titch") was one of a kind - he was one of the most fearless men I ever met. His career in the RAF included a long spell as a test flight crew member - he described himself as a "Test navigator" for many of the post war British military aircraft such as the Vulcan heavy bomber.

Jake was an extremely entertaining speaker on the subject - he could hold an audience spellbound for a long time. From having had the privilege of listening to him talk about his RAF career on a couple of occasions I can say that he was the only man I know who could describe a loud explosion and the loss of the engine on an experimental aircraft at 50,000 feet as "a little local difficulty."

Rest in peace, Jake. I will never see another person like you, more's the pity.


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