Sellafield Siren to be tested this week

If anyone reading this should be near Sellafield this week and hear a siren, don't worry. It's a test.

Over the next few days, the Sellafield Site siren is being tested. It is unlikely that the public will hear the testing, but, as with any testing of the siren, there is a small risk that it could accidentally sound at full volume.  The external comms message received from Sellafield colleagues is as follows:

"External Comms – Low volume testing of the Site Siren

Modifications to the Sellafield Site Siren will be taking place from Monday 27th February to Wednesday 1st March 2023 which requires one of the sirens to be tested at low volume.

It is unlikely that the public will hear the low volume testing of the siren, however if they do, they can check the status of the site by calling 0800 909 8090."


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