More support for those with drug or alcohol problems

Today the government announced £421 million in extra funding for local authorities to boost drug and alcohol treatment in England, reducing pressure on the NHS, improving health and wellbeing across the country and saving lives.

  • Addictions drive around half of all theft, burglary and robbery, so boosting treatment for addicts and tackling supply and demand for drugs through our ten year Drugs Strategy will both help cut crime and save lives.
  • That is why the government is providing an extra £421 million to 151 councils across England to 2025 to improve drug and alcohol addiction recovery, creating over 50,000 places in a range of drug and alcohol treatment services.
  • This funding will help more people access the support they need and prevent nearly 1,000 drug related deaths, while making our streets safer through recovery from the addictions that are known to drive offending, protecting our communities.


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