Two more Russian officials die in suspicious circumstances ...

And yes, one of them supposedly fell or jumped out of a 16th floor window.

Two more senior Russian officials died in mysterious circumstances in the past week with both deaths, supposedly being treated as suicide by the Russian authorities. 

Yeah, right.

Marina Yankina, who was the head of finance and procurement of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Western Military District, was found dead after apparently falling from a high-rise apartment building in St. Petersburg, the latest death of a senior official. The report of her death on February 16 comes just days after Major General Vladimir Makarov - who was recently fired by Russian President Vladimir Putin - was found dead. The Russians say he shot himself - they don't say how many times. 

Remarkable how many Russian generals, senior officials, and oligarchs have turned up dead in the last eleven months, isn't it? And how many of them supposedly fell out of windows?


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