Quotes of the day 5th July 2023

"Today the NHS is 75 years old.

For me, the NHS is all about the staff who run it.

I want to introduce you to some of these incredible people.

Meet critical care practitioner Will Thompson, who told me each day working on the ICU is never the same.

“From routine clinical reviews, to admitting the sickest patients.

I get great personal and professional satisfaction from working with the ICU team.”

Amy Wong told me she always wanted to be a nurse.

“I enjoy every aspect, but I love being able to get to know my patients and support them throughout their care journey.”

This is Arun Gupta, an NHS consultant.

The NHS workforce plan will add 60,000 more doctors into the NHS by 2037 – helping to support people just like Arun to get patients the care they need more quickly.

Say hello to Keiran Tuffs, a nursing apprentice.

The NHS workforce plan is increasing the number of medical apprenticeships - one in six of all training places for clinical staff will be offered in this way.

This is Conor Clay – he received a life-saving kidney transplant then left his job to work at the hospital that saved his life.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than coming to work and making people feel safe every day.”

And meet Neuropsychologist Dr Suzanna Watson.

A key part of the NHS workforce plan is retention – providing better opportunities for career development to keep our incredible staff just like Suzanna in the NHS for longer.

Reem Santos is a pharmacist who works in the NHS every day and she told me:

“I’ve always been inspired by the people working in the NHS – pure and simple.

Their experience, knowledge, and expertise, and of course their diversity.”

Isabella is a physiotherapy student.

More students just like Isabella will have the opportunity to work in the NHS thanks to the NHS's long-term staffing plan.

We’re doubling medical school training places to 15,000 by 2031.

Nurse Daniel Harris told me he has been working in the NHS since he was 18.

“I get to educate, develop and influence so many students to give them the best learning opportunity.”

I also met consultant Sadaf Farooqi.

The NHS staffing plan will modernise the way staff work to help get patients the care they need more quickly.

Investment in new tech will free up staff, like Sadaf, to focus on using their expertise to look after patients.

And Irene Debiram, whose job as a research nurse has given her incredible opportunities.

“It provided me with an environment to care for individuals, opportunities to advance academically and great career progression.”

What struck me about these NHS workers when I met them was their passion for looking after us when we need them most.

Their stories are special because they represent the values of so many of our NHS workers.

To all of you, on behalf of a grateful nation - I say thank you."



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