Building more homes - and the right homes in the right place

If we want our young people to have a future which includes their own home, then we need to build more homes - and the right homes in the right places where people need them. This means we need infrastructure-led projects to build more homes where the jobs are, not artificial creations in flood plains or on agricultural land where you have to have a car because you are miles from shops, hospitals or jobs.

Rather than building all over the countryside, we need new homes on brownfield sites.

So I was pleased to see the government announce today a major shake-up of planning rules to boost housebuilding while protecting the Green Belt, showing our plan to deliver the homes people need is working.

  • In this Parliament the government has delivered the highest number of new homes in a year for three decades.
  • But we want to do more. That is why the Conservative government has announced new plans to get councils to prioritise brownfield developments and cut bureaucracy, sticking to our long-term plan for housing to deliver the homes people need while protecting our green spaces.


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