New agreement to help stop the boats

Today the UK government announced a working arrangement with Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, which will help make further progress in stopping the boats.

This builds on agreements with France, Albania and Turkey, which with other measures the Conservative government has taken, and which have already delivered real progress in reducing illegal channel crossings, which are down by over a third. 

  • The UK has been making strong progress, with the number of small boat crossings down by 36 per cent last year and more than 24,000 people with no right to be in the UK removed. 
  • The new agreement with Frontex will provide the UK with access to new levers and intelligence to make the UK’s borders safer and more secure and help crack down on vile people smuggling gangs. 
  • While we are sticking to our plan and making progress, the Labour Party have no plan to tackle the small boat crossings. Labour say that they will work with our neighbours but as today's agreement shows, we are already doing that. Labour say they will smash the criminal gangs - but have said little or nothing about how they will do that beyond what the Conservative government is already doing. Labour continue to vote against every measure the Conservatives propose to tackle illegal immigration – they will take us back to square one.


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