Quote of the day 13th February 2024

I was originally just going to put up the message of the day for Shrove Tuesday which I posted earlier rather than my usual "Quote of the day."

But sadly I think there is a post which does have to be put up, It's from Dan Hodges on X, formerly twitter:

"Today we’ve had:

    a) 2 Labour candidates suspended for anti-Semitism

    b) 3 people convicted of arousing suspicion of supporting an anti-Semitic terrorist organisation

    c) A London theatre ban a comedian who ordered a Jewish audience member out of his gig.

One day. Britain. 2024"

Dan is right to call out that we as a country have a problem. Make no mistake, we are seeing a resurgence of racism in the form of Anti-Semitism, Anti-Muslim prejudice, and other forms of racism. None of the political parties and no other major organisation is exempt, and none can afford to be complacent about this. 


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