Stop! Think Fraud!

Today, the Conservatives are taking a ground-breaking step forward against the most prolific crime type in the UK with the launch of our National Campaign, Against Fraud, Stop! Think Fraud, to cut crime and protect families.

  • Fraud accounts for around 40 per cent of all crime in the UK, impacting millions of victims both financially and emotionally. 
  • That is why we are launching our new National Campaign, Against Fraud, Stop! With a new website providing vital guidance from leading counter fraud experts on how to spot fraud, stay safe and what to do if targeted, we are successfully turning the tide against fraudsters to protect everyone from the devastating financial and emotional impacts of fraud. 
  • We’ve cut fraud by 13 per cent in England and Wales over the last year, the plan is working, but we must stick to it with Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives to continue reducing the number of victims of fraud, delivering on our promise of a brighter future. 


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