Frightening rise in Anti-Semitic attacks reported

Whatever you think of the events in the Middle East, it is inexcusable to weaponise a response to those events to fuel hatred of any community here in the UK.

Jewish people in Britain are not responsible for the policies of the Natanyahu administration in Israel, or the actions of the IDF, whether you agree with those policies and actions or not.

Palestinian people in the UK are not responsible for the ghastly atrocities perpetrated by Hamas on 7th October. Nor are Muslims.

It is horrifying to see an enormous rise in Anti-Semitic attacks in the UK. Such attacks were already on a worrying upward trend in recent years, but they have rocketed since 7th October, according to figures reported by the Community Safety trust (and by all other reputable sources of information on such attacks.) This is intolerable.

There is also a rise in Anti-Muslim attacks and this too is intolerable.

In this environment it is critical that everyone who aspires to political office must be careful to avoid saying anything which might exacerbate community tensions.

We must all come together to work for peace and racial harmony. There is no place in our society for Anti-Semitism or for any form of racial and community hatred. 


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