How will Labour deliver their clean energy target?

Labour has recommitted to their 2030 clean energy target but have no idea how much it would cost or how they would pay for it. Having finally scrapped their promise to spend £28 billion on their Green investment plan, they still have a target to achieve net zero energy production by 2030 but have no idea how to implement it.

Labour’s Pat McFadden recommitted to Labour’s 2030 energy target but he could not say how much it would cost or how they would pay for it because they don’t have a plan to pay for it or deliver it. 

The Conservatives also plan to achieve zero carbon energy, our plan does it by 2035 and we do have measures in place to deliver it  but I would accept that, as independent observers have said, getting there by 2035 will be challenging. Labour is promising the far more challenging target of 2030 without having a clue how to deliver on that promise.

So either the promise will be broken or there will be even higher taxes for hardworking families, taking us back to square one.


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