Protecting Britain's Jewish Citizens

Last night Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made a speech at the Community Security Trust, to show that we will do whatever it requires to keep our Jewish community safe and protect our democracy and our values that we all hold dear.

  • The Hamas attack of October 7 was the most abhorrent act of terrorism against Israel that any of us have ever known. It’s been followed by record levels of antisemitism in this country that are utterly sickening. 
  • That is why the government has set out a plan to strengthen the security of the Jewish community. In October an additional £3 million was announced for CST taking the government's total support to £18 million for this financial year. And the government is committing a minimum of £18 million every year for the next four years. 
  • That is why the PM also summoned police leaders to Downing Street yesterday to discuss concerns about the campaign of intimidation mounted by protesters after the Hamas terror attacks on Israel on October 7. 

We will never let violent and intimidatory behaviour stop elected representatives doing their job or stop free debate. 

The Community Safety Trust is a charity which provides security advice and support at no cost to any person in charge of Jewish schools, synagogues and other communal organisations or buildings. 

This includes advice regarding the physical security of Jewish buildings, protection of Jewish events and security training for people working in the Jewish community.

This is an image which CST published last night after the PM's speech:

The Conservatives will always protect any community which is under threat. We will stand up, at this time and always, for our Jewish community.


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